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Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Everyday should be Mother’s Day.  Perhaps at the very least we could make it Mother’s Day Weekend, or Mother’s Day Week.  Moms are awe inspiring in their ability to love, multi-task, and discipline, while seldom losing their cool.  This year make Mom feel especially appreciate with a thoughtful gift from the curated list the Tangerine Paddle team has built.  It can be hard to pick a great gift for Mom, which is why we wanted to create this list to help with the heavy lifting.  Thanks for everything Mom!

  1. Tangerine Racket Bag
  2. Vouri Performance Pants
  3. Boast Court Jacket
  4. Viking OZ-Lite Paddle
  5. ON ROGER Court Shoes
  6. Prisoner Wine
  7. Tangerine Paddle Cover