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Grab a Paddle and hit the courts with the whole family

Pickleball is Fun!

So should your paddles and accessories! This is at the heart of why we set out to create the most vibrant and colorful pickleball products on the market. 

We didn't create Tangerine because we're aspiring Pro players or because we want to add 10% more 'power' to our shots. We created Tangerine because we love spending time outside with friends playing pickleball!

We knew that there were others around the world that love pickleball for the same reasons and we wanted to create a brand and products that reflect that spirit of fun, camaraderie, and friendly competition. 

Ideas are flowing and new designs will be coming your way shortly. We hope that you enjoy using Tangerine products as much as we enjoyed designing them for you. 

Be sure to stay in touch with us through our Pickleball Guide, Social Media, and Email. We also love hearing directly from you so that we can better craft Tangerine to meet your needs.

Carly & Taylor, founders

Enjoy and Socialize
Around a game that is born in fun and sporty camaraderie

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